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Because we are human, it is easy for us to let our choices be ruled by our emotions or to become impatient with God’s timing. Many times we are even tempted to compromise what we believe in just because it feels good. It takes tremendous courage to choose what is right. But that’s the great thing about it—God can give us all the courage we need for those important choices! Because we are new creations in Christ, those old ways of thinking don’t have a hold on us anymore. We are free to choose for Him! You can choose the people you’re going to associate with, the things you feed into your mind—and how you see yourself. The choices you’re making right now will determine the kind of person you’ll be, so ask God today to help you make the right choices, especially those that take courage to make.


From time to time, I rewatch my testimony. How great God is. How merciful he is, and how blessed I am

It is not me who is to judge, I was called to love, and it is the LORD who will judge

Here’s what I’ve learned about choosing the things of God.

I’ve noticed that after I disciple a young kid and see his eyes light up from the truth of the Bible, I can’t go back to how I was. It’s too good to give up. After I serve food at the homeless ministry, after I volunteer at a retreat, after I go on a mission trip, after I serve at an orphanage or a prison or the projects — the attraction of sin loses its grip on me.

Because the things of God are so much brighter and bigger and deeper than the things of this world. This is what Thomas Chalmers called the Expulsive Power of a New Affection.

Ever notice that after the gym, you’re too tired to fight anyone? Ever notice that after a healthy meal, you’re much less willing to eat a bag of Cheetos? And whether you “feel like” going to the gym or eating healthy, you choose it anyway: because not only is the alternative bad for you, but it makes the alternative less attractive.

Sometimes people wait to “feel right with God” to go serve Him. You don’t have to wait. You don’t have to be qualified or clean or deserving to serve. Your choices change your heart just as much as your heart changes your choices. What you do comes out of who you are, but who you are also comes out of what you do.

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